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Very short bibliography of historical and more recent buildings in Rome: the Palazzi. The overview consists of two parts: first general works on the Palazzi and then monographs dedicated to individual buildings. Arranged by the author’s surname. For the time being the list offers titles in English and Italian.

General works

    1. Giorgio Carpaneto, I Palazzi di Roma. Rome: Newton & Compton editori, 2004.
    2. Daniela Gallavotti Cavallero, Palazzi di Roma. Rome: Nuova Editrice Romana,  1989.
    3. Ferruccio Lombardi, Roma. Palazzi, Palazzetti, Case. Progetto per un inventario. 1200-1870. Rome: Edilstampa 1992.
    4. Claudio Rendina, I Palazzi di Roma. Rome: Periodici Locali Newton, 1993. Tre volumi.

Monographic works

The Quirinal palace
    1. Giuliano Briganti, Il Palazzo del Quirinale. Roma: Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, 1962.
    2. Palazzo del Quirinale: Guide to the rooms open to the public. Rome: 1999. [This guide in English was printed on behalf of the secretariat of the Presidential Palace.]
    3. Angela Negro, Guide rionali di Roma. Rione II. Trevi. Parte seconda. Roma: Fratelli Palombi editori, 1985.[This volume of this famous series is dedicated to the Palace on the Quirinal.]
    4. Claudia Vassallo (Red.), Invito al Quirinale. Fotografie di Edoardo Montaina. Saggio introduttivo di Cesare de Seta. Milano: Mondadori, 2002. [This is a large-format picture book in two languages: Italian and English.]
Farnese Palace
    1. Jacques Veysset, Le Palais Farnese. Roma: Edizioni Cosmopolita, 1948.

Notes to Bibliography Historical Roman Buildings

  • The image “The Square in front of the Quirinal” by Gaspar van Wittel, 1682. The painting is in the Museum in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, on the Capitol.


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